Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rhain Davis: The Next Rooney?

Everybody's raving about Manchester United's new 9 year old signing from Brisbane, Rhain Davis. That's right. Fucking 9 years old! He is called the next Wayne Rooney. Man Utd signed him after watching a dvd of him playing football which was sent by his grandad.

So is he that good? Watch the clip above. Yup, he is good alright. And for his age, I would even call him great but the next Wayne Rooney?


I don't think so.

Davis is only 9 years old. If everything goes well for him, we will only get to see him in a senior Man Utd shirt in 7 to 8 years time. And a lot can happen during those 7 years. He may not grow up to fulfill his promise.

If you're looking for the next Wayne Rooney, you don't have to wait that long. There's this 17 year old playing for Tottenham Hotspur's 2nd year Academy team. His name is Terry Dixon. And if you listen to the coaches at Tottenham, they will tell you this boy is something special. His style of play (and looks) reminds many of Wayne Rooney.

Dixon made the headlines last year when he was called up to the senior Ireland squad despite never playing for the Spurs first or reserve teams. He did not win any cap (thankfully) because he ended up being injured for most part of last season. He is recovering from his injury now. Why thankfully? Because as an England fan, I would prefer him to be playing for the 3 Lions. From what I know Dixon qualifies to play for England but Ireland has been quick to call him up. But since he has yet to win any senior cap for Ireland, England can still secure his services. I'm sure they do not want the next Wayne Rooney to be playing for the Irish.

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